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Posted - 01 Sep 2006 :  14:21:08  Show Profile  Email Poster  Visit Yanni's Homepage  Reply with Quote Send a private message to Yanni

*The best knowledge is that which benefits, and GOD only causes knowledge to benefit a person when he acts upon it once having learnt it and He does not cause it to benefit the person that leaves it after having learnt it.

*Knowledge without action is like a tree without fruit.

*You are now in the preliminary world, in front of you are two places of abode, out of which you must live in one of. You have not been given assurance of protection, causing you to feel safe. Nor have you been granted acquittal, causing you to slacken.

*If I were to know with full certainty that all of my life was but an hour, Why should I not renounce it And dedicate it to righteousness and obedience.

*A WISE MAN SAID: "Learn, learn, and once you have learned, act."

*A WISE MAN SAID: "The people will never be pleased with the statement of a scholar who does not act, nor of a person who acts but has no knowledge."

*Whoever sought knowledge, intending the knowledge alone (i.e. without action) would not benefit by it. Yet whoever sought knowledge intending to act upon it, would benefit, even by a little knowledge.

*Knowledge rests upon action, action rests upon sincerity.

*Whoever seeks knowledge in order to act upon it will be humbled by his knowledge but whoever seeks it for other than that, will be increased by it in arrogance.

*The time will soon come, if you live long, that knowledge will become a source of beautification, just as a person beautifies himself with a garment."

*If Almighty grants you knowledge, in return worship Him and do not make your goal merely narrating to the people.

*The scholar remains ignorant with regard to what he has learned until he acts according to it, and only then does he become a true scholar.

*The knowledge of the hypocrite is in his speech, yet the knowledge of the believer is in his ACTIONS.

*Act upon your knowledge O man, and you will profit, for knowledge does not benefit unless one is proficient in action. Knowledge is a beauty.the knowledge they possess. Learn, and then act, as much as you are able to, and do not let amusement nor arguing distract you. Teach the people and always intend to benefit them, and beware! Beware of weariness befalling you.

*Knowledge is the tool of action. So if a person spends his whole life gaining knowledge, when will he act?!

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